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தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு 2024 பலன்கள்.இந்த ஆண்டின் பெயர் குரோதி. மக்கள் எல்லோரும் குரரோத தன்மையுடன் இருப்பார்கள் ஒருவருக்கு ஒருவர் கோல்மூட்டி கொண்டு இருப்பார்கள் ஒருவருக்கு ஒருவர் பொறாமை கொண்டு இருப்பார்கள்.இதுவே ஒரு நாட்டிற்கும் வேறு நாட்டிற்கும் போட்டி பொறாமை போன்றே காணப்படும் மனிதாபிமானம் என்பது எங்கும்..
06 Apr 5/4/2014 Sri agastya sayings
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5/4/20241) within ten days the heat will intensify2) Southern Tamil Nadu will receive rains3) there is some rains in Chennai4) Bangalore will witness severe rain and floods5) one politician will get into big problems 6) one important minister will be arrested in North India7) there is going to be so..
30 Mar 27/03/2024 Sri agastya sayings
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27/03/20241) there is going to be problem among States due to water scarcity2) there is going to be a very big political change in Karnataka3) BJP in Tamilnadu will emerge success4) all India BJP will win in 369 seats but there is going to be confusion in three states5) New Delhi haryana Punjab Mani..
23 Mar Sri agastya sayings 21//3/2024
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21/03/20241) three politicians will have continuous problems2) there is going to be a very big earthquake in Central India3) there is going to be a very big earthquake in two Muslim countries4) this earthquake will be long lasting and it will be continuous5) there is a very big rain waiting in Chenn..
20 Mar Sri agastya sayings 17/3/2024
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17/03/20241) in another 10 days time we are going to see very severe heat2) mother ???? earth has gone 15 seconds near to sun.and that's why the heat is more3) people are advised to eat traditional food4) there will be continuous earthquakes in 2 or 3 Muslim countries5) there will be lot of holes in..
20 Mar Sri agastya sayings 9/3/2024
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9/3/20241) there is going to be arson and protests all over the world ????2) there is going to be some sudden accident and several other incidents happening all over the world3) people will suffer very much4) people should be very very careful there will be lot of thefts5) there is going to be lot o..
23 Feb Sri agastya sayings
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22/2/20241) one more actor will have several problems2) there is going to be a problem for a girl in a school3) there is going to be some big problem in two temples4) one important president of a country will have severe problem and the whole world will be watching this5) we should be very careful f..
19 Aug Sri Agasthya sayings 19/8/2023
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19/8/20231) the rain will start from today and from 23rd to 27th rain will be very severe with thunderstorm in Chennai lot of trees will fall down2) entire Tamil Nadu will witness very good rainfall3) another state will receive very severe rainfall and there will be lot of damages4) there is going t..
06 Aug 6/8/2023 Sri agasthya sayings
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6/8/20231) the inflation in our country will be high people are advised to store the essential commodities there is going to be very severe scarcity for essential food items2) the whole world will experience very severe food shortage3) in India also in some States there is going to be very much scar..
31 Jul 31/7/2023 Sri agasthya sayings
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31/7/20231) in two foreign countries there is going to be very severe flood and rain2) China Europe England and Canada will witness very severe heat and people will suffer very much3) China Europe Canada in all these places the inflation will be very very high people will not be able to buy essentia..
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22/07/20231) this year the rain will be very very much2) in North India one more state will receive huge rainfalls3) in Tamilnadu places like Madurai Thanjavur and coastal regions will receive very heavy rains4) Chennai receive more rains during night Times5) Europe Canada England will see very heav..
13 Jul 13/07/2023 Sri agasthya sayings
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13/7/20231) another state will have severe rain and floods2) there is going to be a lot of confusion in a Muslim country3) war between Russia and Ukraine will come to an end4) in America the ruling party will have some confusions5) in a foreign country a lady will have severe problems and due to thi..
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