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Nalangu Maavu

Nalangu Maavu
Nalangu Maavu
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        Nalangu maavu is one such herbal bath powder that has been used from ancient times in Southern India. Before the chemical laden soaps and shower gels found permanent place in our bathrooms, there was a time when people used to cleanse themselves with only homemade bath powders made with natural ingredients.


  • Ingredients include Green gram, Bengal gram, Kasthuri Manjal (Wild Turmeric),  Rose petals,neem leaves, Vetiver, orange peel, aavamampoo.
  • Nalangu maavu absorbs excess oil for the skin without drying it.

  • Helps to restore the natural pH balance of the skin.
  • Turmeric also promotes the body’s synthesis of antioxidants and slows down visible signs of aging.
  • Using nalangu maavu herbal bath powder on a daily bases  can help reduce body odor .
  •  Exfoliates dead skin cells & brightens skin tone & clears tan. Gives the natural fragrance to the body entire day 
  • Directions for use :  Nalangu Maavu with water and make a paste. Then apply all over the face & body. Scrub gently and wash with water. * Nalangu Maavu can be used as a face pack with Rose water (or) Curd

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