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Aavaram Pisini
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Tamil Name         : Avaram Pisini- ஆவாரம் பிசினிEnglish Name      : Tanner 's CassiaTree GumHindi Name          : Tarwar PhoolMalayalam Name : AvaramTelugu Name       : Tagedu Description:      ..
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Tamil Name - விநாயகர் கண் - Vinayagar KanHindi name : RatiEnglish name : Rosary PeaTelegu name : GumginjaMalyalam name: KunnikkuraKannada name : Gurgunn, Gulaganji Description:          Abrus precatorius is found to be containing a very powerful poison known as abrin, w..
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Tamil Name - அண்ணாசி பூ - Annasi PooEnglish Name -  Indian anise, Chinese anise, Badian aniseMalayalam Name - തക്കോലം ThakkolamUrdu Name - بادیانی Badyani DescriptionIllicium verum is a medium-sized evergreen tree native to northeast Vietnam and southwest China. A spice commonly called sta..
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Botanical Name     : Ficus CaricaEnglish Name          : Fig BarkTamil Name              : அத்தி பட்டை / Athi PattaiHindi Name               : अंजीर  / AnjeerMalayal..
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