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05 Nov sri agasthiyar sayings 28/10/2022
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28/10/20221) one important film actor will have health issues.2) entire North India will have some problem and in one particular state the problem will be more.3) one ship will face some severe problem in middle of the sea.4) one important political leader in North India will have health issues.5) o..
23 Oct 23/10/2022 Sri agastya sayings
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23/10/2022On 25th from 1pm to 6.30 pm. We are having solar eclipse.after the eclipse is over people or advised to do pariharam in temple especially birth star Ashwini.thiruvadhirai.chithrai.swathi visagam and thiruvonam.1) gold and silver prices may look like coming down but it will go up.2) Indian ..
14 Oct 14/10/2022 Sri agastya sayings
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14/10/20221) America will bring a new economic imbargo because of this the whole world will fall into problems.2) a small country is getting prepared for the war.3) in Karnataka there is going to be a new problem coming up.4) again there will be a problem in school premises.5) in a white people coun..
07 Oct 7/10/2022 Sri agastya sayings
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7/10/20221) people should be very careful this take care of the children very carefully. Here afterwards there will be lot of calamities.2) for example 60 children have died in Africa due to a cough medicine and in Thailand one person shirt nearly 40 children these things we have already cautioned.3..
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