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Benefits of siddha medicine

Benefits of Siddha Medicine

Siddha medicine is the basic philosophy of food as medicine.Siddha medicine uses the natural plants which has medicinal effects and which can cure any type of diseases. Our South Indian traditional herbal medicines are thousands of years old and it has been written and preserved in palm leaves by our Siddha Purushas like Kaka pujandar, Agasthiyar, Theraiyar, Korakkar and Sukha Maharishi and several other Siddhars commonly known as 18 Siddhars. Siddha is an ancient system of medicine that originated in the South India. This system is believed to have originated several centuries ago or even since the beginning of the history of mankind.


South Indian herbal medicines are commonly known as Siddha medicines because the olden day’s siddhars used these herbal plants and cured many types of diseases. These are the natural food supplements for major ailments and these are used widely in Southern part of INDIA. Siddha Medicine is the basic philosophy of food as medicine.

1.     Traditional Siddha medicine upholds maintaining the equilibrium of elements in the body and eliminating pathogens for treating diseases and boosting the health.

2.     It stresses on the importance of prevention of diseases rather than treating them.

3.     According to the Siddha medicine, diet and lifestyle play an important role in maintaining health and curing diseases.

4.     The medications are aimed at restoring balance in the body.

5.  Siddha medicines do not react adversely with the modern medications. Hence, patients who are using allopathic medicines can continue using the same while taking Siddha medicines

6.     All Siddha medicines are natural and do not produce any side effects.



·       The immunity developed by ‘KABASURA KUDINEER’ will provide effective remedy for Corona Virus COVID – 19. And it removes Chest Congestion, Fevers, Cough, Nasal Congestion, Body Pain, Diarrhea, Irritation and Watering in Eyes, Laryngeal Irritation, Loss of taste etc. or to say in one word that this will not give further complications to the patients who have recovered. And people who have taken these herbs have come out of this illness completely without any side effects is a medical miracle.

·       There are no side effects of these herbs.

·       People affected with Corona Virus can also take this medicine along with their prescribed medicines and this will help the patient to recover completely.

·       People who have been recovered from Corona Virus should take these herbs so that they will come out of their fatigue soon and their body will become normal again.

·       People who have recovered from Corona Virus should take these herbs so that the medicine will improve their immunity and helps in regaining their health, so that they acquire immunity and will not have a chance to get affected by Corona virus again.




·        There are no disadvantages by taking these herbs.


Kabasura Kudineer is considered for below activities


·        Anti Inflammatory

·        Anti Pyretic

·        Anti Bacterial

·        Analgesic

·        Anti Fungal

·        Hepato Protective

·        Anti Diabetic

·        Anti Tumor property


In the recent past in India we had a similar situation of epidemic diseases known as Chicken Gunia, Anthrax, Swine flu, H1N1, Sars, Dengue, Ebolo virus, Nipah wherein several millions of people were affected and we are the pioneers to give medicine in mass wherein the entire disease has come to control.


Currently, no vaccines or modern drugs are available for viruses like Dengue and Chikungunya and only symptomatic relief is provided to the patients. Same way Corona Virus too has no remedy in modern drugs.


These doctors have treated several patients with this illness and they have come out of this illness completely without any side effects is a medical miracle.


The Siddha system can help in treating several diseases its use in the emergency cases is unlimited. This system is effective in treating most skin problems including Psoriasis as well as Urinary tract infections, Hepatic diseases, General disability, Digestive Disorders, Arthritis, Allergic Disorders, Postpartum Anemia, and Fever. It is also effective in the management of Viral infections, Chronic inflammation, Endocrine disorders, and functional disorders.


Siddha Medicine works by revitalizing and rejuvenating the organs. This helps to correct the dysfunctions responsible for causing the diseases. It restores the normal functioning of the organs and maintains the ratio of the three doshas – Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, thereby providing a healthy state of equilibrium in the body. No artificial chemicals are involved in Siddha medicine.

Now lot of research about Siddha medicine has come to light and it has proven the best. Siddha medicinal herbs and treatment for patients have given good results. Patients are best cured with herbal remedies such as leucoderma, autism, rheumatoid arthritis and leptospirosis.

Our doctors have healed cases of breast cancer, kidney failure, and multiple organ failures. Siddha medicine has been playing a major role in reducing the disease such as Chikungunya, Dengue and Leptospirosis by providing preventive medicines and quality herbal treatments to people during the past several years. 

The Holistic approach of our medicine gives focus on prevention through natural medicinal preparation and prophylactic interventions for improving the immunity of the individual. Avoidance of causative factors and enhancing the immunity against infection are the two major points mentioned by the AYUSH, ministry of health. Government of India

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