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crystals to heal body mind and soul



The powerful and healing properties of crystals are believed far and wide.  If they make you feel better! To search for the right crystal for yourself or a loved one is important. There are magical crystals that you should be aware of and get one for yourself only after learning what it can offer to you... Some gemstones come with healing properties, as well as their beautiful appearance. While some are supposed to enhance mental stability, others boost physical strength. Be it emerald, ruby, quartz, beryl, or jasper; it is essential to understand the different kinds of crystals to reap the benefits. With practice you can easily identify a crystal by looking at its shape, colour and cuts. The best way to find the ideal one is by analysing your horoscope. Here, we have listed 100+ crystal names to help you with your search for the right stone. Each name is also further categorized based on its benefits. Let us first start with the name list of different kinds of healing crystals.


Names of Common Healing Crystals


Curing you of your health-related concerns that range from kidney and heart to the digestive and sexual systems, gemstones are no less than magic. Coming from the different families of emerald, ruby, beryl, jasper, quartz, and more, any gemstone you name is powerful.

1. Agate strengthens the body and improves the digestive system.

2. Amethyst a gorgeous purple quartz, calms the mind and improves the hormone system.

3. Ametrine this is a type of quartz that heals the mind and cleanses the body.

4. Amazonite This crystal is supposed to build faith and heals the nervous system.

5. Angelite Heals arthritis and enhances bone density.

6. Apophyllite Helps relax and aids in respiratory diseases.

7. Aragonite Sputnik Heals bones and nerves.

8. Aquamarine From the Beryl family, this crystal strengthens the kidneys and thyroid glands.

9. Blue Lace Agate Treats arthritic conditions and heals the nervous system.

10. Blue Quartz This quartz crystal aids stress and purifies the blood.

11. Clear Calcite strengthens bones and the immune system and aids stress.

12. Clear Quartz This clear quartz stimulates the immune system and boosts concentration.

13. Calcite Golden Eliminates toxins and strengthens metabolism.

14. Carnelian Strengthens metabolism and heals the digestive system.

15. Celestite Lowers eye disorders and hardens bones.

16. Chevron Amethyst stimulates the organs.

17. Citrine Also quartz, Citrine balances the hormones and reduces infection.

18. Desert Rose Aids dental health and flexibility.

19. Emerald Also in the family of Beryl, Emeralds enhance the emotional strength of a body.

20. Epidote Your search to naturally aid mental stress ends with an Epidote crystal.

21. Fire Agate Enhances eye health and strengthens the digestive system.

22. Fluorite Strengthens bones and protects from flu.

23. Green Aventurine Controls blood pressure and aids insomnia.

24. Green Jade Improves the immune system and heart health.

25. Hematite Improves blood circulatory system and aids towards stress.

26. Jasper Polychronic Jasper Polychronic improves digestive, sexual, and circulatory systems.

27. Labradorite Lowers blood pressure and balances the hormones.

28. Lemurian Seeded Crystal heals the body by opening energy channels.

29. Moonstone As the name suggests, Moonstone helps keep calm and improve the female reproductive system.

30. Moss Agate heals skin and digestive disorders.

31. Nuummite Helps to reduce stress, anxiety, and other mental problems.

32. Obsidian Promotes emotional health and enhances the digestive system.

33. Peridot Aids the digestive system and helps control anger.

34. Petrified Wood Strengthens muscle tissue and aids arthritis.

35. Pyrite Cube Enhances functions of the brain and digestive system.

36. Red Aventurine Heals nerves and improves blood circulation.

37. Red Jasper Improves digestive system and sexual organs.

38. Red Phantom Quartz This type of quartz heals the body through different energy channels.

39. Rhodonite strengthens the heart and improves fertility issues.

40. Rose Quartz The rose quartz heals respiratory issues and strengthens the heart.

41. Ruby Improves sexual and mental health.

42. Sapphire Enhances mental and physical health, including eyes and blood.

43. Selenite Enhances thinking power and nerve system.

44. Septarian Improves mental health.

45. Shungite heals the body by omitting negative energies.

46. Shiva Lingam Enhances fertility health and helps during menstrual cramps.

47. Smokey Quartz Smokey quartz is known to reduce anxiety and other mental health concerns.

48. Sodalite Enhances metabolism, boots immunity, and reduces inflammation.

49. Spirit Quartz The spirit quartz improves emotional strength, we love this name.

50. Turquoise enhances the skeletal, respiratory, and immune systems.

51. Tibetan Quartz Tibetan Quartz heals the brain and repairs body effected with negative energy.

52. Tiger Iron Improves physical strength and blood circulation.

53. Tiger Eye improves reproductive and digestive systems.

54. Tourmaline Black Acts as a pain relief and strengths immune system.

55. Zebra Marble Helps with skin allergies, strengthens muscle tissue.


Black Crystals and Their Meanings

When people see black colour gemstones, many minds tend to automatically drift towards the supernatural and negative energies associated with the colour. However, there are many black collared crystals that are supposed to help the human body to omit negative energies. Found across many countries in different shapes, sizes, and names, they shield the mind and the body from unwanted energies. Black crystals can also play a major role in healing the body and mind. Hence, they can be seen widely used by healers, psychics, and other natural therapists.  Here are the 10 most popular and powerful black crystals known for their magical properties.

56. Black Tourmaline A popular crystal for protection from negative energies.

57. Shungite Used majorly for healing and cleansing from negative energies.

58. Obsidian Also called “Warrior of Truth,” the name Obsidian crystal cleanses from negative auras.

59. Ilvaite Ilvaite crystal works to bring forth confidence and improves stability.

60. Hypersthene a common crystal used for its ability to maximize clairvoyance.

61. Indigo Gabbro The crystal connects one’s body with its higher self.

62. Onyx Onyx crystal eases anxiety and other mental health concerns.

63. Black Kyanite Your search for a crystal to enhance mental strength ends with this.

64. Arfvedsonite Used by healers to heal from different mental and spiritual concerns.

65. Nuummite This black crystal's power is used to decrease negative energies.


Crystals to Strengthen Romantic Relationships


Your search for a partner could be over once you have the right gemstones. Here are eight popular love crystal names to help you to get started with.


66. Amber Amber gemstone enhances desires and develops the energy of love.

67. Garnet Known by the name “lucky stone for love,” Garnets create passion and balance energy.

68. Moonstone A stone that brings luck in love and a partner who loves you unconditionally and passionately.

69. Rhodochrosite This beautiful stone enhances emotional healing and compassion among the souls.

70. Lapis Lazuli This crystal protects the harmony of relationships.

71. Opal This stone enhances and balances desire, passion, and love.

72. Rose Quartz This beautiful quartz enhances compassion, sensuality, and tenderness.

73. Rose Tourmaline This stone perfectly blends love, compassion, and spirituality among partners.


Crystals for Luck

To manifest the energy of your luck, crystals play a vital role. Now, remember, they work only to create a path to help you raise. You, too, should do your part to make an effort and strategize in enhancing your financial strength. Here are ten popular crystals that could work wonders in terms of money.


74. Andalusite Willing to make money with your goals? Andalusite gemstone is a must!

75. Clear Quartz Clear quartz crystal assists in achieving goals to make good money.

76. Citrine Building confidence and willpower, Citrine crystal helps build abundance with luck.

77. Emerald One of the common Beryl gemstones, emerald stone attracts new opportunities.

78. Green Jade Popular crystal in the Chinese culture, Green Jade stone helps make money without stress.

79. Green Aventurine A perfect gemstone for those inclined towards making money through luck, like games.

80. Malachite the Malachite gemstone builds the courage and strength to overcome obstacles.

81. Tiger’s Eye this crystal brings in all the energies required to focus and prepare.

82. Pyrite this stone works to build confidence and move ahead, finding new opportunities.

83. Ruby Like emerald, the ruby crystal maximizes money generating opportunities, but with a balance.


Crystals to Heal the Mind

Some powerful grounding stones can help reveal the true soul for those who put the work in. Here are 20 popular crystals that are known to heal the mind and keep you calm with the flow of positive energy around.

84. Amethyst This crystal contains soothing powers to manage the mind.

85. Rose Quartz This crystal brings positive energies.

86. Hematite Keeps the and balanced and free.

87. Black Tourmaline Controls anxieties and eliminates negative energies.

88. Lava Stone throws away negative energies and channels in positive energies.

89. Shungite clears away the mind from negative thoughts.

90. Kyanite This crystal calms the mind and heart.

91. Aquamarine Keeps the heartbeat steady and keeps the body safe.

92. Rhodonite Aids to control negative thought waves leading to an anxious mind.

93. Moonstone The divine energy of a moonstone eliminates the building of anxieties.

94. Smoky Quartz Builds courage to face the obstacles.

95. Tiger Eye helps keep the mind and heart warm, we love this name.

96. Blue Lace Agate The crystal helps bring clarity and confidence.

97. Amazonite transforms negative thoughts into positive ones.

98. Fluorite Keeps the mind relaxed and brings joy.

99. Citrine Balances the different emotions and hence, keeps the mind secured.

100. Turquoise Howlite Emotions of anger and sadness are kept at bay to control anxiety.

101. Morganite This gentle stone helps keep the mind and heart calm.

102. Lepidolite This crystal is popular as a magical anti-depressant.

103. Lapis Lazuli It helps create an energy flow that creates soothing sensations.

We hope this list of crystals helped you in your search, if you want more mystical names why not look at

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