After effects of solar eclipse – this eclipse will give problem outside india only and India has no problem. This will have more effect on USA and there will be communal problems. Initially it will start as a small peocession and later change to a big riots.There will be riot by group of people and they will be asking for a separate nation. And there will be problem and losses in the country.and in the coming election there is confusion in selecting the candidate.In the next US president election there will be change in candidate. Indians should not speak about the riots in usa.

There will be riots due to racism in two more countries. There will be curfew imposed in many countries due to which there will be violent attacks by the mob. Streets will be burnt during the riot . Tamilnadu will have good rain three days before solor eclipse and three days after solar eclipse.After July 8-16th there will be heavy rain in North India. In tamilnadu the temperature will by very hot before 3days & after 3days of solar eclipse. Hot climate will change after july 16.

We will get the announcement by june 29 about international flight operations. International Flights will resume after After July 16. And after August international travel will operate full fledged International travel will be open by three countries in the beginning after that all the other countries will follow.

Till july 8th the disease will increase in India and later only it will come down.and we will see lot of deaths and the tamilnadu government will bring good measures to bring down the disease.

There will be casualty due to riots. The riots will subside and blast again. There disease will increase till July 8th. After July 8th the disease will reduce By the effort of health department.

A big problem will arise in China due to which disease will come again . The disease will mutate into a new disease. And a new name will be kept for that disease.India will face problem from China. Though the problem looks big it will subside soon. China will create confusion in Sri Lanka that also we have to watch out for.

From June 28 to July 8 there will be economic crisis in America and other countries and world bank also will have problem.this economic crisis will be severe in us and several other countries due to which racism and violence will increase.

Only the month of November all the economic crisis in India will subside also other countries will show improvement. There will be an assassination of a rich person or industrialist in a foreign country.

China will oppose and other countries will oppose China due to which there will be chaos in the meeting Only after rahu ketu peyarchi 2020, that is September 23, 20202India and all the other countries show improvement.

The price of gold and silver will rise but shortly it will drop again.

Due to global warming big iceberg will break and the glaciers will melt due to which sea level will raise, but it will not affect India and other Asian countries. It will create havoc in other countries and bring new disease Until 21st of next month there will be heavy inflation but after 21st of next month the inflation will reduce. This economic crisis is basically for foreign countries India will manage to sustain its economy but still there will be a slight dip in Indian economy.

There will be lot of life lost in a country and the president will grieve for their loss also other people will grieve.