1. There is going to be some problem in Chennai on the 29th of this month and after that, it will calm down.
  2. China will be releasing new photos on the Himalayas and places near the Himalayas about their claim of land and this will bring a new dispute and there is tension in the border on 29th and later it will subside. We will have some problems with china and it will be resolved soon amicably. Our border issues will be resolved and another country that is creating border issues also will calm down.
  3. Rain will be there on the 8th and 16th of July in which two cyclones are expected and in which one will be a problem and it will bring heavy rain.
  4. There is going to be a big earthquake in Muslim countries either this month or next month and in India also we will have an earthquake.
  5. Here afterward the worshipping pattern of people will change.
  6. Petrol prices will go up and due to this, there is going to be a price rise in essential commodities.
  7. We will be seeing some success in research of science and technology this will help mankind.
  8. There will be some confusion in north India's political situation and later it will subside. One important politician in north India will have a coronavirus and also with that he/she will have two more infections and they will have a big struggle and recover.
  9. The economic problems will start in our country and India will sustain. After November India will be the first country to come out of the economic crisis
  10. There is going to be a severe food shortage all over the world.
  11. Chennai will see a rise in the virus till the 8th of July and later it will come down. After July 18th we will see some relief.
  12. People should pray to their family god, sithars worship will help them to come out of these problems. Our land is known for sithars so worshipping properly will help in coming out of problems. People should follow the traditional south Indian olden days customs of washing hands and legs regularly is advisable.
  13. There is going to be communal violence in two more countries. There is going to be a curfew and roadblocks everywhere. Violence will be there and we will be seeing the fire.
  14. There is going to be more heat till July 8th in Tamilnadu.
  15. Foreign travel will start from 16th July and international travel also will open up and it will be announced by 19th July itself. Initially, three countries will start operations and later all countries will open their air operations.
  16. Indians should not open their mouth regarding communal violence and we are advised to keep quiet. One or two deaths will be there. Initially, people will go in a peace procession, and later it will turn into be violence.
  17. After the 8th of July, the Tamilnadu government will bring new methods in health and safety measures and this will help in curbing the virus.
  18. China will face a new problem and this problem is going to be big in nature. Again the virus has started in China and later this virus will change to a more serious type of virus. And they will keep a new name for this virus.
  19. Starting from tomorrow there will be a problem in the World Bank and all banks all over the world. Especially the USA will be facing a problem. People will be violent. In a foreign country, a big billionaire will be shot dead and another two billionaires will have problems.
  20. China will be facing a problem all over the world. The prices of gold and silver will rise and fall down. Big Ice Mountains will be a break and fall down and due to this several confusion like sea level rising and this will affect worldwide and there is no major problem for India and neighboring countries.
  21. A country head will be very much upset and will be crying by seeing his people die. China will be creating a problem for Srilanka.