Now there is lot of rumors that its mentioned in mayon calendar the world is coming to end by june 21, 2020. and at that time another planet is coming and having a collision with mother earth and the world will end. this is not true.


here are the facts. very soon a new planet will be discovered by the year 2022 by a Indian woman. 


·        By the year 2022 another theory will come to be known that is, till now they were telling that the world has come to being from a part of the sun. But this theory will be ruled out  and a new theory will be known that is two meteors have come into contact and in that two particles have broken into two pieces and one piece is earth which we are living and our mother earth is moving from east to west on its own axis and another planet which is coming round the sun from west to east.

·        And likewise the ANOTHER PARTICLE like earth which was broken earlier similar to earth will come to known to mankind by the year 2022.

·        And this will be researched by scientists in Japan, America and India. And that motion of that planet will be from west to east. And India will be successful in finding this planet.

·        An Indian woman will discover this planet and it will be named after her.

·        In that planet there will be three objects seen.that is  two famous temples of south India that is Srirangan temple vimana Gopuram,secondly famous shiva temple Thanjavur Brahadeeshwarar temple vimana Gopuram and Egyptian sphinx will be visible in that planet. BY 2025 SEVERAL COUNTRIES WILL BE SENDING THEIR SCIENTISTS TO THIS PLANET.AND THERE IS MAGNETIC FORCE EVERYTHING IS PRESENT AS IN OUR EARTH.