The virus will spread more in all countries including India. This will increase in northern states in India and after June 20 it will come down. We should not come out of house. We should practise to stay at home till September and the heat of the sun will be there for some more days in India. It is again advised to stay at home and not to come out this is for two reasons one for virus fear and other one is this year rain will have a different type of thunder storm wherein it may kill people. Do not venture out in mountain area there will be mud slide. Death may cause due to land slide. This will happen in India and in foreign countries also.

Rain is expected in south India from 7th June and more rain predicted in north India. Maharashtra, Orissa, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu. And will come as a big rain in Maharashtra and it will move to some other places too. Two Cyclones are seen in this month. Wind blowing will be strong.  17, 18 or 20th two cyclones are coming. Tamilnadu sea shores will have good rains. Second cyclone will be stronger than the first one. We will be seeing lot of rains near Himalayas and a stronger cyclone expected in the month of August. In half of the place will be rainy and other half will be sunny

We will be seeing a group of birds dying.

In USA there will be more deaths and problem to public. We will be seeing public protest. And there will be gun firing against public in USA. The eclipse will make people sick and later they will recover from sickness. Pain will be more in neck, head, giddiness, stomach problem and breathing problem are seen for public.


We will be seeing a ship catching fire in sea. And a rescue ship which goes for help this ship also will come into problem. We will be seeing two military aircrafts accident and in which one will be going into several pieces. This will happen just in the takeoff stage.

China will be facing problem. New meeting will be arranged between countries and there will be problem with two countries seen.

World will be seeing downfall of world economy and in July there will be job cut. Two big companies in USA will face problems. Two big billionaires will have problem.

In India two big companies will be sold and in which one company will be bought by a foreign company.

Again and again it is advised to stay at home and do some physical exercises and worship GOD. We should start building our immunity system and practise good food habits.