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About Us

Mr. M.P. Kathiresan.B.A is the proprietor of M/s. Aditya exports.

He graduated from Bangalore University completing his Bachelor of Arts Degree in the year 1982. Born and brought up from a business community family. His father was a well-established popular businessman. Joined his family business, wherein he started his own factory for manufacturing aluminium parts which were supplied to various industries all over India.

He started his company M/s. Aditya exports in the year 1993.

He is one among the persons to be gifted by god to travel all over the world. He serves as an international financial consultant for many MNCs.

He is a believer in Astrology, an Indian Heritage science wherein with the movement of the planetary position, the future is predicted.

He has wide knowledge in special herbs and ancient South Indian traditional medicine. These special herbs are used for several diseases. Which are not known to common people and these herbs are found only in India.

He is known for his passion in astrology and herbal medicine.